Diane Stuart

Diane Stuart has lived and worked in Rockville for 25 years. She is the copy and production editor of AMLE, an Academy of Managment journal; a gardener, birdwatcher, and dog lover, among other interests.

Notes by Diane Stuart

Mr. Wren Seeks a Wife

By Diane Stuart, last updated 6/25/14 08:00am

Yes, this is the same diligent chirpie (on the left) who had to fight for his own nest in our last article. Having won that battle, he struggles to win...

Incident at Pooh Corner: Whose House is This?

By Diane Stuart, last updated 5/7/14 07:45am

My friends know I am trying to create a garden sanctuary—if not actually Pooh Corner—at least a refuge from the nastier realities of life. So imagine my dismay, as I...

Photos by Diane Stuart