Nicholas Christopher

Nicholas is the editor for For several years he has written and edited academic materials, P.R. and web content, and journalistic pieces for a major publication. He has also taught English overseas.

Notes by Nicholas Christopher

Discussing the Future of Rapid Transit in Rockville

By Nicholas Christopher, last updated 6/21/14 07:02am

On Wednesday, June 25th, Communities for Transit and Coalition for Smarter Growth are holding a free, open event from 6:30-8:00 p.m. at Rockville Memorial Library to discuss Montgomery County's planned...

Candidate Statements: Balancing Economic Growth and Environmental Sustainability

By Nicholas Christopher, last updated 6/12/14 08:04am

Primary elections are coming up in Maryland on June 24, with early voting beginning today, June 12, and running through June 19. Rockville residents registered as either Democrats or Republicans...

Kielbasa Factory: A Local Landmark for Polish Fare

By Nicholas Christopher, last updated 5/26/14 08:23am

I'll bet you hadn't even realized that Polish goose pâté is essential to your happiness. I certainly hadn't, until last week when I stopped by the Kielbasa Factory (at 1073...

Billy Goat Trail Running (or strolling)

By Nicholas Christopher, last updated 5/16/14 05:25pm

If you didn't know about it already, this spring and summer will be the perfect time to get your first experience of the Billy Goat Trail at the C&O Canal...

Montgomery College Green Team Offers Award for Energy Efficiency

By Nicholas Christopher, last updated 9/23/13 10:37pm

I was excited when I received an e-mail from Dr. Timothy McWhirter, Professor of Philosophy at Montgomery College, asking me to meet up to discuss the M.C. Green Team’s new...

Solair Systems & Rockville's Renewable Revolution

By Nicholas Christopher, last updated 5/14/12 03:48pm

I wanted to learn more about solar power, and get a feel for the emerging solar market in Rockville and its surrounding areas; so I called my good friend, whose...

Thomas Farm Community Center: a Model for Green Building

By Nicholas Christopher, last updated 4/10/12 09:16am

About a decade ago, developers were planning to extend Gude Drive north past 28. In drawing up their plan, they failed to take topology into account: the proposed extension would...

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