Paul Triolo

Notes by Paul Triolo

The Art of Growing Hops: There and Back Again

By Paul Triolo, last updated 6/18/14 11:11pm

Most people who drink beer regularly are probably unaware of the intense effort and resources that go into growing one of the amber liquid’s most important ingredients: the alpha and...

LEAF 2.0: Mastering the Emerging Charging Infrastructure

By Paul Triolo, last updated 12/8/13 01:05pm

After becoming familiar with the NISSAN LEAF zero emissions vehicle's functions and capabilities, the next thing the intrepid new owner must begin to explore is the world of charging infrastructure....

1000 Mile Progress Report: Driving the All-Electric Nissan LEAF

By Paul Triolo, last updated 9/9/13 11:23am

Well, 1000 miles into this electric thing, it is an amazing and brave new world. The LEAF is a stunningly well-engineered driving machine and a perfect commuter car for those...

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