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Looking for ways to live more resourcefully, become more energy-independent, waste less, and support businesses who do the same? The Greenpages is the place to find information about ways that local organizations are supporting an environmentally sustainable future in the Rockville area.

Do you know of someone doing something environmentally interesting or inspiring? We welcome ideas for future notes.

Mr. Wren Seeks a Wife

By Diane Stuart, last updated 6/25/14 08:00am

Yes, this is the same diligent chirpie (on the left) who had to fight for his own nest in our last article. Having won that battle, he struggles to win...

Incident at Pooh Corner: Whose House is This?

By Diane Stuart, last updated 5/7/14 07:45am

My friends know I am trying to create a garden sanctuary—if not actually Pooh Corner—at least a refuge from the nastier realities of life. So imagine my dismay, as I...

Animal Exchange: Where the Birds (and Bird Lovers) Are

By Helen Triolo, last updated 4/28/14 10:18am

No one in Rockville knows birds better than Ruth Hanessian, owner of Animal Exchange (also known to locals as 424 PETS, the store's phone number and the URL of their...

Rockville Street Trees

By Helen Triolo, last updated 8/29/13 02:35pm

We were glad to see the same contractor who planted our City tree last November return last week to prune off the deer-nibbled branches, remove the guy wire supports and...

Green Wednesday: Bees and Lawn Mower Replacement Parts

By Helen Triolo, last updated 6/12/13 04:48pm

Last weekend I was mowing the lawn with the wonderful zero-emissions cordless Black & Decker that I got a couple years ago at Home Depot and noticed the usual clover-attracted...

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