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Autumn Crisp juice, Jazz Brunch and other Dawson's Market delights

By Jade Nicolette, last updated 9/22/15 02:24pm Update

Celebrate the advent of fall with the arrival of seasonal aromatic drinks, popping up on café menus everywhere. Dawson’s Market, a community-oriented local food hub, is no exception, having recently...

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Rockville Rewards Saves You Money And Benefits NonProfits

By Helen Triolo, last updated 9/8/15 07:28am Update

What is a Rockville Rewards Card? By purchasing a Rockville Rewards card for $25, you can support local businesses, access unlimited discounts, and help raise money for local charities, schools...

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Elections for 4-year Rockville Mayor and Council Positions To Be Held Nov 3, 2015

By Helen Triolo, last updated 9/7/15 11:51am Update

Election season is in full swing in Rockville. Early voting to elect a Rockville mayor and 4 councilmembers will be held October 24 and 25 at City Hall, and at...

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New Solar Coop Members Welcome Through Labor Day

By Helen Triolo, last updated 9/1/15 12:00am Update

If you're interested in putting solar panels on your roof and live in the Rockville area of Montgomery County, you can register here to see if your roof is suitable...

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International Quilt Exhibition Opening at Artists & Makers Studios

By Helen Triolo, last updated 9/1/15 12:00am Update

Artists & Makers Studios in Rockville will present "Quilting for Change," an international quilt exhibition including three organizations working for social change. The Advocacy Project and Quilt for Change use...

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