Animal Exchange: Where the Birds (and Bird Lovers) Are

By Helen Triolo, last updated 4/28/14 10:18am

Photo credit Helen Triolo (with Ruth's cell phone)  

No one in Rockville knows birds better than Ruth Hanessian, owner of Animal Exchange (also known to locals as 424 PETS, the store's phone number and the URL of their website). On Saturday, I was visiting Ruth to find out the latest goings-on in Rockville. She had just returned from a 3-hour stint at the Rockville Science Center's exhibit at the USA Science and Engineering Festival and reported that both the festival and the RSC booth were humming with activity.

As we were chatting, a mom and her two elementary-school-aged daughters came into the store with their cockatiel and said they had something for Ruth. They presented her with this cup and tile trivet that the daughters had designed (as part of a school project) especially for Ruth to thank her for helping them choose and take care of their cockatiel, now a beloved family pet. Expect to see the tile on the wall if you visit Animal Exchange in the near future - Ruth was quite moved by these gifts.

Local owners of cockatiels and other small birds will be happy to hear that Animal Exchange is also offering free wing clips, as well as free nail trims for small animals, for appointments made with Ruth during May.

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