Dawson's Market Farm Market Now Open on Wednesdays

By Helen Triolo, last updated 6/11/14 12:00am
Photos by Helen Triolo

  • It's the best time for summer produce: berries, corn, tomatoes, cantaloupe and more from Scenic View Orchards.
    Photo credit: Sara Hunziker
  • Daniel from Creatiflow sells knotted and woven cuffs, necklaces and more at the market and on Etsy.
    Photo credit: Helen Triolo
  • Aileen Klein and others from the Friends of the Library have a large collection of books of all types for sale - most of them between 50 cents and $2. You'd be surprised at the gems that can be found!
    Photo credit: Helen Triolo
  • Courtney Buchholtz, a local grower from From the Earth Foods, discusses the early season produce with a customer.
    Photo credit: Helen Triolo
  • Local artisans from VisArts show their ceramic pieces available for sale at the Wednesday Farm Market in Rockville Town Square.
    Photo credit: Helen Triolo
  • Infusion Hot Sauce Company is a local producer of hot sauces (including FIREPOWER, MANGO BANGO, DRAGONFIRE, and HYPERNOVA) and rubs made in small batches with fresh chilies, garlic, and vinegar.
    Photo credit: Helen Triolo

Have you visited the new Wednesday Farm Market, held outside Dawson's Market in Rockville Town Square every Wednesday from 11am to 2pm? Stop by for something fresh for dinner, and pick up some books from Friends of the Library, or a gift from the local artisans at VisArts.

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