Green Wednesday: Bees and Lawn Mower Replacement Parts

By Helen Triolo, last updated 6/12/13 04:48pm

Photo credit Helen Triolo  

Last weekend I was mowing the lawn with the wonderful zero-emissions cordless Black & Decker that I got a couple years ago at Home Depot and noticed the usual clover-attracted crowd of bees at work in the flowers. Thinking about the ever-increasing problems that honeybees (and thus we people who depend on them for food) face, I was loath to ruin their afternoon by mowing away the meal, so I left a swath in the middle of my City-owned strip for them to continue their feast.

Speaking of lawn mowers, I also wanted to mention that this cordless Black & Decker is great. It can be charged in place, or the battery removed and brought elsewhere for charging. Because it runs on a battery, it produces no emissions, and if your house power is supplied by wind or solar, both the charging and the operating are clean.

It's easy to set the mower height (unlike others I've owned in the past), and it's easy to push, despite looking huge. It has a mulching insert that allows mowing without a bag, or a bag that can be attached to catch grass for adding to the compost pile or garden. The only downside I've found so far is that it's possible, when pulling the mower back towards you, to catch the bag under the mower and shred it. I managed to do that while mowing a corner in the backyard, which brings me to my third point:

You can easily get any replacement part for this mower, and hundreds of other appliances, at (If there's a place I could do this locally, I'd also like to know about that.) I ordered a replacement bag which is supposed to ship within a week or two. In the meantime, I'm using the universal fixer, duct tape, to hold the bag together.

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