Making connections with social media at the Rockville Senior Center

By Helen Triolo, last updated 1/17/13 08:00am

Photo credit Rockville Channel 11  
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"Learning technology at all is a challenge, but once that hurdle is passed - once you've decided that yes, I want to do this, I want to learn - then the connecting and finding other people is so worthwhile." says Norene Stovall, one of the administrators of the Senior Center Facebook page ( and chair of the Friends of Rockville Seniors program. See more about how Public Information Specialist Shannon Loomis and others at the City are encouraging and promoting the use of social media to stay connected, in this Rockville 11 video.

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Norene Stovall, Jan 31 2013 10:51am:

I encourage all senioirs to read the wide range of information on the Rockville Seniors Facebook page at\Rockvilleseniors. Don't worry about privacy issues -- you control all that on your own page.

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