"Meet the Locals" Night at Dawson's Market

By Helen Triolo, last updated 9/12/13 05:09pm

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"Shop Local" doesn't get any better than this. Once a month, Dawson's Market hosts a "Meet the Locals" evening, with vendors from around the area hosting tables with samples of their products and talking about how they're made. We went to Meet the Locals this past week and met people from right here in Rockville to as far away as Pennsylvania (Dawson's local circle extends to about 100 miles, to make sure they offer a wide variety of produce and grocery items).

Rebecca Dulka from Knob Hall Winery was on hand to serve tasting glasses of their Framinette (a white made from grapes of the same name), RĂªve Rouge (a light and fruity but not too sweet wine made from a mix of white and red grapes), and a fabulous 2009 Cabernet Franc Reserve. Rebecca says the limestone-rich soil of Clear Spring, Maryland, where the winery is located, imparts a special minerality to the wine that distinguishes it from other wines.

Down the aisle from Knob Hall, we met Ibtissam, serving delicious spicy and non-spicy varieties of baba ganoush and hummus from Asmar's Mediterranean Foods, a family-owned business in Alexandria, Virginia.

Our own Rockville-based Mayorga Coffee Roasters, whom we've visited in the past both for their coffee and to pick up leftover coffee sacks for use in the garden, was on hand, sampling our favorite, Cafe Cubano, along with other not-as-dark roasts, like Organic Morning Blend and Costa Rican Tarrazu. We also found out about Mayorga's impressive commitment to both sustainable growing and collaborative partnership with the farmers and communities the coffee comes from.

On our way to the checkout, we stopped to say hi to Sara and Linda from Zosimos Botanicals, who handcraft mineral makeup and natural skincare using, as their website says, "pure mica, certified organic essential oils, waxes, herbs, certified organic fruit extracts and floral waters." Ok, you're not really supposed to eat it, but it sounds pure and safe enough that you could!

Dawson's Market will be holding their next Meet the Locals night on October 8 from 4:00 to 7:00 pm.

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