Now is apparently a good time to plant trees

By Helen Triolo, last updated 11/19/12 09:10pm


It surprised me to hear that now (mid-November) is a good time for planting a tree, as the fellows who brought our new city tree told me today as they were planting our new Golden Rain tree. The reasoning is that the tree puts all its energy into growing roots over the winter, instead of having to use energy to grow both roots and branches and leaves, as it would if planted in spring. Looking at various sites online, it's best if the air is at least 60 degrees at the time of planting though.

Now is also a good time to plant a free tree from Pepco. They have an online tool you can use to find the best spot in your yard to put a tree for energy savings at

The link below has information about the City Forester and about trees in Rockville in general.

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