Retirement: Working in the Community

By Norene Stovall, last updated 5/19/14 07:06am

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This article was written for Montgomery College's MC Connections newsletter by Norene Stovall in response to the question "What have you been doing since you retired?"

It took three tries for me to fully retire from Montgomery College. I retired from Rockville Student Development in 2006. Then I returned in the fall and retired again in late 2007, after helping a director during a search for a new administrative aide for a few months. Then I retired yet again in 2010, after a stint working part-time in that same department. All of it was rewarding until it became too much for my old bones.

In March of 2007, I was asked to join the volunteer City of Rockville's Senior Citizens' Commission to fulfill an unexpired term of a few months. Once again I remained "on the job" and served on the commission until May of 2013. I am still very involved with activities and classes at the Senior Center.

Today I am proud to say I developed a program for all seniors in Rockville, called Friends of Rockville Seniors (FORS), where they can find a business that delivers a senior friendly atmosphere. This program provides publicity and other benefits to businesses that make efforts to accomodate seniors, following guidelines created by the FORS committee.

In the summer of 2012, I volunteered to serve on the Rockville Summit II, working with the "Preserving the Character of Rockville" committee. My contribution to this preliminary step in the development of Rockville's Master Plan was to ensure that the contributions and needs of our growing number of seniors are not overlooked.

The FORS Business Directory may be found here. I am also the administrator of the Rockville Seniors page on Facebook and invite you to take a look and like our page to keep up with what's going on for seniors in the City of Rockville.

So it seems retirement isn't working for me - but my free time is well spent working in the community.

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