Solair Systems Partners with Mosaic Power for Innovative Clean Energy program

By Helen Triolo, last updated 5/9/13 11:26am

Photo credit Helen Triolo  

What happens when power supplied to our local grid fails to meet demand? One way power suppliers have traditionally made up the shortfall is by firing up stand-by gas generators to produce the extra power the grid demands. But now a new and cleaner technology is on the horizon, one which makes use of power already generated and stored, called Mosaic Power.

Currently being rolled out in Frederick in partnership with Solair Systems, a Rockville renewable energy company, Mosaic combines the excess power from many electric water heaters (hence the name Mosaic) in private homes and feeds that combined energy back to the grid, without any disruption in hot water to customers. To be eligible for the program, a customer needs to have an electric water heater and an internet connection, which allows connection with the Mosaic Power system. Signing up for the service enables customers to both lower their carbon footprint and receive a yearly rebate check from Mosaic Power.

The Frederick program is particularly inspiring, as it is being done in conjunction with Habitat for Humanity. Every Frederick homeowner who signs up to have a Mosaic Power box (like the one in the photo, connected to the electrical panel) can opt to donate their yearly rebate check (currently $100) to Habitat for Humanity of Frederick County. Mosaic's goal is to get at least 100 Habitat volunteer installations by the end of the summer, bringing in $10,000 a year to the local Habitat chapter. Customers may find out about the system and sign up at the Festa Italiana on May 25 in Frederick.

Solair Systems and Mosaic Power hope to bring a similar program to Rockville and Montgomery County by Fall of this year. Individuals and organizations interested in finding out about the program or seeing it implemented in Montgomery County may contact Thomas Luginbill, Business Director for Solair Systems, at 1-877-958-0005.

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