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By Helen Triolo, last updated 5/14/13 09:05am

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So much talk about social media, so much pressure to get out there and promote your business on Facebook, crank out the tweets on Twitter, get more likes, add more followers, attract more fans. Everybody's talking, but who's really listening?

The best way to make sure someone is listening is to say things that are interesting, and to say them to the people who want to hear them. One way to do that with Twitter is to use hashtags (words or phrases that begin with #) to say and sort of categorize what it is you're talking about.

Twitter provides a nice API that allows web developers to pick up those hashtags and display content in places other than Twitter so that even people without a Twitter account can see them. Contact us if you'd like some consulting on how to set this up at your own website. At Rockville Living, we use that API in 3 places (and maybe more in the future - we're always open to suggestions):

  • #rkv
    Our Rockville News via Twitter page displays posts by local folks using the #rkv hashtag. Tweets from longtime Twitter users like Rockville Brass Band, Folk n Great Music and Cindy Cotte Griffiths often appear there, as well as Rockville 11 and City of Rockville.

  • #rkv + green
    Using the word green in your Twitter posts along with the hashtag #rkv makes sure they show up in the Greenpages at Rockville Living, the section of the site where we post all the environmentally inspiring, interesting and/or informative things we know of happening around Rockville.

  • #jobs + #Rockville + MD
    Following the conventions most used by job posters, we select on the combination of the #jobs and #rockville hashtags with the word MD to distinguish our Rockville from others. The latest tweets about jobs in Rockville, Maryland are displayed on our Job Openings page, along with any job openings people have entered into our database.

Give it a try. If you're using Twitter to get the word out about what's happening in Rockville - job openings, events, news - increase your readership with appropriate hashtags. Need help? Contact us by email or at 301-424-6037 with questions or suggestions.

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