Video Labs Celebrates 35 Years

By Mike Weiss, last updated 4/18/13 10:08am Update

It started in April 1978. Someone needed maintenance on video equipment and Video Labs provided support. A few years later, VHS was fighting Betamax and, well, you know who won. VHS was our format of choice in the early 1980s. So, Video Labs supported customers with making VHS copies. The 1990s continued Video Labs push into VHS services but also saw this firm add broadcast videotape capability. 2000-2009 brought us DVD and Blu-ray formats which Video Labs quickly adapted to. 2010 to present has Video Labs knee deep into digital distribution and online video services.

Our legacy was made off of being able to copy and distribute massive amounts of messages. We still do that. However, our creative services unit also allows us to support the crafting of those messages.

This firm would not have survived and thrived without its outstanding staff and loyal support of its customers. We continue to evolve and will work diligently to provide the best in customer support and video services.

To all our clients, vendors, partners and staff……………….thank you and please stick around for the next 35 years. There’s much more to follow.

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